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10 Health Tips for Men

10 Health Tips for Men

June is Men’s Health Month. Care Alliance Health Center is committed to connecting all people with health services. It is common for some men to skip annual physicals and only see a doctor when ill or in an emergency. In order to increase longevity and vitality, men should follow these health tips.

  1. Find a Doctor. Finding a doctor that you trust is essential for getting great health care. After you develop a good relationship with your doctor, schedule regular appointments. (Schedule an appointment with Care Alliance today)
  2. Limit Tobacco and Alcohol Use. Excessive tobacco and alcohol use can lead to chronic disease and some cancers.
  3. Find a Fitness Community. A fitness community can encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle and maintain regular exercise. Whether you like to walk, run, or workout at the gym, there is a community for you. (Join us at our community walks at Central this summer!
  4. Practice Safer Sex. Regular STI and HIV testing can give you peace of mind about your sexual health. Practice good communications with your sexual partner and use condoms. (We provide walk-in HIV testing every Tuesday at our St. Claire location and Wednesdays at our Central location.)
  5. Eat a Well-Balanced Diet. Eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables daily. This will add fiber and vital nutrients essential for longevity.
  6. Prioritize Sleep. Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night is vital to improving your brain function and physical health.
  7. Get Mental Health Checks. Men are less likely than women to seek help for depression, substance use, and stressful life events.  Mental health assessments can help with coping skills.
  8. Get Prostate checks. Prostate checks can help your doctor detect Prostate Cancer early. (Care Alliance will be providing prostate exams at the Aches, Pains & Automobiles: Men's Health Tune-Up on Saturday, June 22nd 11am-2: 00 pm)
  9. Read Nutrition Labels. Reading nutrition labels can help limit the amount of fat, sugar, and cholesterol in your diet.
  10. Enjoy Life. Adopt a positive outlook on life. Spend time with loved-ones and prioritize joy!
Join us at Aches, Pains, & Automobiles: Men's Health Tune-Up to find a doctor, get prostate and oral assessments, and check out some cool antique cars!

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