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5 Ways to be a Better LGBT Ally during this Pride Season and Beyond!

5 Ways to be a Better LGBT Ally during this Pride Season and Beyond!

As Pride Season is upon us, it is important to support and celebrate the courage of your LGBT friends and loved ones. While Pride season is once a month, your LGBT friends and loved ones live the experience daily.
  1. Listen. This is the most important step in becoming a better ally. Listen to your LGBT friends and loved ones about their experience without your own judgments. This is essential to gaining a more authentic relationship that will allow more open communication and understanding.
  2. Participate. Join your LGBT friends and family at Pride events. June is Pride Month across the US. Ask your LGBT friends if you can join them at your local Pride event. This will show that you are supportive of not just them but their community.
  3. Confront your own bias and prejudices. Everyone has prejudices and bias that is often rooted in fear and anxiety. It is essential, to be honest about your own misunderstandings in order to connect to your LGBT friends and loved ones. This shows vulnerability and fosters trust.
  4. Don’t participate in harmful LBGT jokes and rhetoric. When you can recognize your privilege, you will no longer partake in harmful rhetoric that may seem innocent to you at first. A good question to ask is, “How does this comment harm the community?”
  5. Advocate. Find your local LGBT Center or Health Center to learn about issues facing the community. This is a great way to learn more about the community and how you can use your voice to change legislation. Volunteering your time and donating money to an organization the works to improve the lives of the LGBT community is another way to show your support. Donate or Volunteer today to support the Care Alliance LGBT community!

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