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We are the grateful recipients of the overwhelming support of our community. One person with a desire to make a difference can directly impact the life of a neighbor, whether you make a gift of your time, your voice, your money or essential supplies. We see it happen every day, like when a patient greets us with a bright new smile, thanks to our dental program, or when a homeless man tells us that participating in our programs gave him the strength to seek help for his depression. Our ability to make someone smile or lift someone out of despair is directly dependent on the generosity of others.

Every gesture of kindness from our supporters is a significant step toward better health and brighter days. 


At Care Alliance, a little goes a long way. As a community health center, we are proud of the fact that we contribute to $24 billion in annual health care savings for tax payers by reducing costly ER visits and hospital admissions to our patients.

With the challenges of the economy hitting everyone, it can be hard not to feel hopeless. At Care Alliance, though, we see every day the small things that can rekindle big hopes for our patients. Giving is good for your heart. For just a small contribution, you can help change someone’s life forever.

Gifts made to Care Alliance support our entire mission. To help the most patients possible, Care Alliance will use your gifts where they can do the most good. If you would like to designate a gift to a specific program or cause, please contact us. Your donations are tax deductible.

  • Monetary donations: We accept monetary donations through cash, check, Visa/Mastercard or Paypal. Checks can be made payable to Care Alliance, 1530 St. Clair Ave., Cleveland, OH 44114. To make a donation by credit/ debit card, Apple Pay (mobile) or directly from a bank account, please click the “Donate” button located at the top right toolbar.
  • Gifts In Kind: Looking for a way to get a group involved? Consider holding a drive for some of the supplies our patients are in desperate need of: socks, blankets, soap and more! 



We believe that partnering with individuals who are eager to learn and who are passionate about our mission is the best way to engage with our community. It is because of the overwhelming commitment shown by Care Alliance’s volunteers that we are able to carry out our mission of providing quality health care and comprehensive dental services to those who may have otherwise gone without care.

Care Alliance is fortunate to have more than 150 volunteers, students and work experience partners each year give their time and expertise in a variety of areas. Health care providers (including doctors, nurse practitioners, dentists and specialists), nursing professionals and medical/dental assistants volunteer their expertise by supporting our staff and our patients. Care Alliance partners with several educational institutions to provide unique externship opportunities in medical records, billing and coding, finance, development, event planning and other areas of interest.

  • Visit our Career page to apply for available volunteer/internship positions. 
  • Care Alliance reserves the right to request background checks from any individual wishing to work with us in a volunteering or internship capacity.
  •  Medical professionals wishing to volunteer in a clinical setting must provide proof of licensure and are required to carry individual malpractice insurance OR employer/school malpractice insurance must be extended to include volunteer activities.
  • If you are an internship coordinator looking for opportunities to place your students in unpaid internships, please contact our Administrative Offices at (216) 535-9100 for more information.




When it comes to collaboration, we believe in the power of synergy. Despite nearly flat federal funding over the past 10 years, we have been able to double both our number of patients and visits, and much of it is due to this synergy.

We know that many of our safety-net partners are also experiencing flat or declining funds, while at the same time, the need for our services is reaching unprecedented levels. By collaborating with other human service agencies, government agencies and health care systems, we are able to  reduce duplication of services and ensure responsible stewardship of the dollars committed to support our organization’s mission.

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